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The Block Deputy's Page
by TomanCreed
Version June 2000
Metaverse Information Highway

Hello, and welcome to the Block Deputy's page. I assume that if you are here it is either because you are a newly hired Block Deputy or are interested in becoming one. In either case welcome and congratulations. If you have not yet filled out both a Metaverse application and a Colony application then I recommend that you do so now. Becoming a Block Deputy is a important first step in your career path here in Cybertown. Remember what follows is only a guide. The tasks you do are dependent on your Block Leader's (BL) needs. A good Block Deputy should be able to take over the Block leader's position at any time. You should also keep in mind that being a leader of any kind means you are not only representing Metaverse but also Cybertown. It is very important that you set a good example. Be friendly and helpful to all citizens. Remember behind those avatars are real people, and they come from many different cultures and ethical backgrounds, what we may take for granite as the norm they may not. So don't be afraid to find out who it is that you are talking to. Important: Be sure you check with your assigned BL before doing any of the following tasks outlined on this page.

Your primary responsibility is first to assist the BL with a variety of different tasks. Keep in mind that many times you will find that there is more than one BD, and you are part of a team. A team means sharing responsibility and working together. You are there to help the residents of your block, try to answer their questions. If you cannot, do not hesitate to contact your BL for assistance. Help residents learn how to use their Inbox's and all of the different Message and Information-boards effectively. Teach by example, set your inbox and message board to except HTML tags, use some of the available tools you can find at the MIH tool section, use your information board.

As a new Block Deputy (BD) your first task is to put the letters "BD" after your house's name, this is so that residents know who you are, and so they can find you if they need your assistance. The next thing usually is to send out a message using the function to introducing yourself, letting the residents know who you are and that you are there to help. Establish that first line of communication, this is very important. If you don't know what to say, look around at other BD welcome messages to get some ideas. Don't be afraid to ask you BL for help, that's why he/she is there. Maybe set up a time that you will always be in your home so they can reach you. Here again it is a good idea to work this out with the rest of the team so there will always be someone around to help out the residents. Include an Email address and/or ICQ#, Yahoo Messenger, or whatever you use.

Please choose a BD-topic from the console at the left.
Enjoy the city!

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