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Block Deputy Training Outline

This is a summary of the steps that we expect a trainee Block Deputy (BD) to follow prior to, and in, training sessions that will lead to certification as a BD.

Part 1. - Procedure Before Training Takes Place

  1. Application to the Employment Office, a Block Leader (BL), a Colony City (CoCi) Official, an application, or a referral.
  2. Real time ( Instant Message Center/ICQ/Pager) or written (Email) interview where the applicant will briefly express qualifications and will learn the duties and responsibilities of the job.
  3. Training begins at the trainer's home. Prior to the first session the trainer will request the establishment of both written and real time lines of communication. Training cannot begin until a real time link is successfully set up. The trainer may request that the trainee be able to keep a record of the session(s) either by cutting/pasting chat text or familiarity with chat logs.
  4. The trainer may request that the trainee become familiar with certain background documents (BD Guide, Blaxxun User's Guide, etc.) prior to the first session.

Part 2 - Training at the Trainer's Home

The areas that may be covered include:

  1. Undocking/Docking Chat Windows
  2. Chat Cutting/Pasting text from Chat Windows and pasting into a word processor.
  3. Private/Whisper Chat modes
  4. VoiceUse of Text Logs and Text-to-Voice Features
  5. Changing Fonts and Text Size
  6. Use and Editing of Body Language/Gestures/Chat Macros
  7. Navigating the Help Menu
  8. Object Buying and Manipulation
  9. Items in the Options Menu
  10. "My Info" Link, including the Set Up and use of the Instant Message Center
  11. Setting Up a Homepage Link
  12. Setting Up Links
  13. Uploading an Image
  14. Avatar Navigation Options
  15. Citizen Search and Directions to Clubs
  16. Setting Up "Personal Information", "Inbox", and "Message" pages, including Configuration Options
  17. Use of the Calendar
  18. Update Functions
  19. Chat Default Options
  20. Places to go for Avatars, including Adding more WRL's
  21. Resident Troubleshooting
  22. Voting Options

Part 3 - Training in CoCi

  1. This session, or additional sessions, will be continued ONLY if a real time link is in place. The Team may then visit:
    1. Cybertown, Lands, Metaverse, Fedland Navigation
    2. The Plaza and Links to the Mall and Other Places
    3. News Center Magazine and Newspaper
  2. At the Fedland Map Page the trainer will explain record keeping options and make arrangements to send the trainee a sample database of Block Residents.
  3. At this point the Trainer must make a decision on whether the trainee has sufficient knowledge to be granted Access Rights. If so, the session will continue at the Access Rights Link. If not, the trainee will return later after rereading background documents and Chat Logs of the training sessions.

Part 4 - Beyond Access Rights

  1. Access Rights are explained and the trainee is added.
  2. The Information Link is explained and the Trainee sees his/her new Title.
  3. The Message Link is reviewed but the trainee is requested to read past messages later.
  4. The Team follows the MIH Link and Contents are reviewed.
  5. The Messages To All Link is reviewed and the trainee then posts a brief "Hello to All Residents..I am a new BD" Message.
  6. The Update Link is reviewed.
  7. The Check Images Link is explained and the trainee is requested to Upload his/her own Image later and Check/Approve it.

Part 5 - Final Arrangements

  1. The Team goes to the trainee's Home. The functions and limitations of the Delete Link are explained.
  2. The procedures for Checking Homes is explained ( See The Block Deputy Guide).
  3. Customer Service, Team Training Techniques, a review of the various Help Sections, the Constitution of the City, and the Goals of the City, Neighborhood, and Block are discussed and follow-up sessions are scheduled on these topics.
  4. Finally, duties are assigned based upon the demonstrated abilities of the trainee, and Follow Up sessions are scheduled.

Any questions, let me be your mentor. Email me