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Metaverse productions presents
Another famous metaverse hunt

We thought the Morphs were coming. We were WRONG. The Morphs are HERE! Read the Cybertown Daily News. Read the current and past issues of the Cybertown Weekly News Magazine (jumpgate, scroll down etc.etc.(contest section!, Perils: Kaylee of Orion III !!! El Morpho Meets 911!!!)

Coming to Cybertown: The Babel Hunt!
Sorry, that we are late with this event-
but believe me, it's worth waiting! Thank you.

The whole BabelHunt-Event-site is not up and running yet but you are very welcome to already signing up for becoming a BabelHunter!

Who: YOU
What: Find the cure for the Snow Crash virus that is destroying Cybertown communications!
When: Coming VERY soon
Where: It all starts with you signing up!
We will let you know - directions clues and starting times will be provided!
How: Metaverse Neighborhood Productions © Oct, Nov 1999
Why: Fun, Prizes and Honors!