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Career paths______

Here are some example career paths of MV-staff members (as of 06 Aug. 1999):

Resident oicu: ND (of MV) NL (of MV) CL (Entertainment colony) & City Council
Resident mauvecat: BL NL CD(of MV)
Resident Phillyboy: BD BL NL CD (of MV)
Resident zoozee: BD BL ND(MV) - and NL (RP) - CD ( RP, EW, MV) Residents karyll, candy33: BL (in MV) ND (of MV) CD (Inner Realms colony)
Resident skyway: BD (in MV) BL (in MV) ND (of MV) NL (Ancient Ways hood)
Residents fireballx9, motebergn, edion: BD (in MV) BL (in MV)