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Jobs Get a job (application) [Know your job (training)]

You want to help Cybertown-residents, to contribute to City-life and to fulfil important tasks within the social infrastructure of Cybertown on a regular basis? You are full of energy, a responsible person and you have fun while working for our community, so that many others can enjoy the City even more?

Then you should apply for a job in Metaverse-neighbourhood right now!
We need your talent!

Also, working with and being trained by our team and living in our hood has already proven several times to be of great value for the career of several residents, as many former MV-staff members have been promoted to higher positions within Cybertown (click here to view examples ). Why have they been chosen? Because they were a part of a well trained, hard working staff which is the only key to success for offering the best information and support for the residents of Metaverse-hood!

contact our chief trainer
(Neighbourhood Deputy Spectrum2)

... to find out more.
We are looking forward to welcoming you in our staff of block leaders, block deputies, graphics designers, HTML/VRML-experts, Java-wizards, etc.

PS: Training is provided, of course.

PPS: Most jobs are paid (City-cash & exp.points).
Fringe benefits are subject to negotiation :-)