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Filling In the Weekly Block Report Form
Filling in the Date

The date here is not the date you submitted the report, but the date you gathered the data. The format used is is a two digit number for the month followed by a slash, then a two digit number for the day of the month. e.g. (06/30 equals June 30th). The form will write out the month and day for you.

How many residents?

The most accurate way of counting the residents is to go to the Block page and click on Check. The Image Checking Wizards shows 12 residents at a time. Keep clicking on the next page button until it disappears. The number of residents is 12 times the number of full pages plus the number of residents on the last page.

Empty Spots?

This is a number you don't have to check every time. Once you know wether or not you have any residents on the road or features you just subtract the number of residents from the maximum number of residents allowable and add the number of illegally placed residents. The maximum allowable residents is the number in parenthesis after your block name.

This is a check to make sure you know if you have any illegally placed residents. Once your block is full you may want to save by not opening up a legal spot, somewhere for a new BD to move to. This is OK but does not effect the calculation here. Empty Spots + Residents = Max. Residents + Illegals

Who is New?

This should be the number of residents who moved into your block since your last report. You can check on this by checking the immigration date of each resident and adding any new BDs or other people who moved in from another block. This doesn't happen to often so it should be easy to remember. The inability check is why we don't ask for the number of deletes made. In a full block the number of new residents has to equal the number of deletes eventually because people cannot move in if their is no spots. If a new person is taking care of the block and does delete for a few weeks, then we might suspect a problem in understanding what they should do. That is why the radio delete/yes/no buttons are there.


No suggestion on how to use the Comments box was made. It is just a convenient place to pass on information to neighborhood. Use it as you feel fit.