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Application process

Job application__

Step 1 of 3: Select your preferred job
Step 2 of 3: Review recruiting standards
Step 3 of 3: Fill out on-line application form <<<

Metaverse Job Application Form
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NOTE: If you are looking for a BD/BL-position PLEASE make sure that you fulfil the exp.points requirements as stated in the Metaverse Recruiting Standards. Why? Because for these positions you need to have some minimum knowledge about the Cybertown-system. If you don't have the required experience yet, just spend some more days in Cybertown and get accustomed to the environment. There will still be enough jobs for you available here in Metaverse after these days- promised!.

HTML.... VRML... Writing... Graphics... Java...

What do you think you can bring to this job?
Note: The more you tell us about your motivations, your skills and about yourself, the faster & the better we can consider your job-application

By submitting this form you confirm that you have read the Metaverse Recruiting Standards.