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Other Solutions to Common Problems and Questions
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Other Questions I Have Been Asked
How Do I Join a Club in Colony City?
There are now Clubs for just about everything. Click the "The Clubs" link on the Right side of your page and when you get there be sure and Bookmark the location for the future. There is also a GREEN link to Clubs on the FLM Home Page. In the upper box select the filter you want so you do not have to page through about 200 different clubs. If you know what interest you are looking for your can enter a keyword in the next box. Then all you have to do is Click on "Join" and you will be accepted or contacted soon by the Club Owner.
Can I Purchase a Really Big House?
Of course (if you are one of those Rich, Upscale type people). Just go to "Update" and check out the interiors and exteriors now available. The Really Big ones will cost you $2,000. You can also upgrade later when you can afford this life style.
How Do I Use the Text-to-Voice Feature?
This is really cool ! It first became available at the end of March. This feature allows you to hear (through your computer speaker if you have one) the text that you or others enter in the Chat boxes. You can also pick from a variety of different voice modes from female to male to old to young.

In order to activate you will go to the "Options" tab next to the Chat box and select "Voice". You will then choose a voice mode or accept the default. Make sure the "Enable" button is checked, then Click OK. For some a short download of the updated plug in may be required.

There may be some problems. You may have to change the way you type because it may not recognize your words and it will then spell out the letters. There presently are no voice inflections so questions sound the same as statements. In a crowded place such as the Plaza you may want to Right Click on some people's names and Click "Ignore" in order to hold down the noise. Some times you may get an error message that says the feature cannot be used. Just do a screen Reload or Refresh and it may begin to work again. Also it will become ever more important that we watch our language in the Plaza and try to keep it clean and civil.
How do I Find a New Place That Has a House For Sale?
Click on the "Colonies"/Maps link at Right side of your page. This is a search engine that can open spots in all the lands. The information is updated hourly.
How Do I Put Links To My Interests On My Links Page?
You can place links to your places of interest (up to 5) by Clicking the "Update" button/"Information"(at the bottom of the page) and type in your links. Be sure to type the right address and after you update and return to your home be sure to follow the links to be sure that they work properly.
How Do I Use Chat Macros To Make My Avatar Say Pre-Recorded Text?
Go to your "Options" tab and Click "Chat Macros". You will see a list of macros titled from /g1 through /g8. The first by default is %1 waves hello to %2. "%1" stands for your "nickname" and "%2" stands for either "everybody" or the name of the person you have selected when you activate a chat macro in the chat box. To edit the macros you follow the same procedure as edit gestures. Select the line to edit and in the box below type in the words or phrase you want . Then click update. To use the macro you will Click the envelope image below the chat box and select one of the 8 choices.
How Do I Solve Load/Display Problems With My Inbox/Message Board/Information ?
Go to your "Update" button and Click "Information". Then Click the "Reset" button. From this point on you will have to be careful if you have used HTML code to construct your Info/Message/Inbox pages. Resetting any of the three pages will delete your code and revert to default, so you may have to reconstruct. The first "Reset" button will default the "Information" Board. The second and third the "Message" Board, and the last two the "Inbox" Board. Although this may cause you some additional work it is preferable to having to move to a new house.
Last Update 4/21/99