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Metaverse Weekly Block Report Form

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Welcome to the Metaverse Weekly Block Report Form. We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to report on the condition of your block. We hope that you will try to submit a new report each week (even if you have nothing spectacular to report). This form can be filled out by BLs and/or BDs.

Please also try to attend weekly meetings at the "MV Staff Room" at the Club Section of Cybertown or if possible send one of your BDs in your place (and of course, BDs can attend, too!). Meetings are held each Wednesday at 11:00 PM & Sunday at 1:00 PM Colony City time.

Please note that the number in parenthesis after the block name represents the total number of houses possible in your block. The number of residents and the number of empty spots until full should add up to this (exception: you can keep one emergency spot closed).
[Note: This forms uses cookies to remember your block and your nickname]

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Cybertown Nickname: [Help]
Date of Report: [Help]
Number of Residents: [Help]
Numbers of empty spots until full: [Help]
Number of new residents: [Help] Note: count only ones this week
How many houses did you delete? [Help]
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