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Application process

Job application__

Step 1 of 3: Select your preferred job <<<
Step 2 of 3: Review recruiting standards
Step 3 of 3: Fill out on-line application form

We have several different job positions available all the time because we never stop recruiting the best motivated people and invite them to join our team! Come and take this chance if you want to work for Metaverse-hood!

Please choose one of the links below to review the job description of a specific job and to apply on-line for a job

(become a trainer)

Block Leader
(become a Block Leader)

(become a HTML Tech)

Other jobs
(BD, VRML-jobs,
graphics-designer, Java-expert, etc.)

Note: You only need to apply for one job. If you apply for a specific job you will still have a chance to change to another job during training or the job interview (should it be necessary).