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Application process

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Step 1 of 3: Select your preferred job
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Step 3 of 3: Fill out on-line application form

Metaverse Recruiting Standards

People who work for Metaverse are never bored. We train our Block Deputies well because we need them to do a good job. Our Block Leaders are depending on them. We plan to make Metaverse a place where you can play and learn about different topics and discuss them with people from all over Cybertown. Each block will provide information and a place to discuss different topics. There is lots to do. We welcome you and any help you can give us to make Metaverse the envy of all! We have more job possibilities than any other neighborhood. Be willing to move IF you have the experience (requirements see below) and/or needed skills; it's worth it.
If you have any questions concerning these standards, don't hesitate to contact our MV recruiting staff.

(Main) Employment opportunities in Metaverse-hood

  1. Block Leader requirements: Must have 200+ experience points and willing to spend up to 10 hours a week keeping involved. Must be responsible and active in the community. Offer fun things to do for keeping members active in your block. Also hire block deputies that you feel will be of great assistance for you. Keep current on events and the MIH (Metaverse Information Highway) provided in each block's message board.

  2. Block Deputy requirements: Must have at least 125+ experience points and willing to work with your block leader. Time involved all depends on what your block leader has assigned to you. Discuss ideas with your block leader and keep involved with residents. Also keep current in events and the MIH.

  3. Citizen's with lots of HTML experience are needed in Metaverse. We also need writers to help with MIH and block themes.

  4. Citizen's with VRML experience are needed in Metaverse (we also have a block who's theme is VRML).

  5. Tech Support, Graffix and Java experience also is needed in Metaverse. Must have at least 125+ experience required but not necessarily needed if skilled. Maybe able to run a separate department.
Metaverse is the hub of the colony, educated, friendly, and rapidly growing offering opportunities for work. We supply training in the jobs described. Don't forget that every member of Metaverse-staff should be active in colony as well as keeping up with the events going on, the news and our own proudly supported MIH (Metaverse Information Highway). We look forward to your help and ideas. But most of all we want you to enjoy the colony and become a member of our growing team in Metaverse.

Please submit your resume (about yourself, your skills and motivation)
to MauveCat (he can be reached in the colony at Metaverse/Snow Crash/MV Recruiting Center) OR
e-mail to the MV recruiting staff OR

fill out our on-line application form.