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Some Solutions to Common Problems and Questions
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Questions I Have Been Asked
My Screen Scene is in 2D Only. I Get an Error Message.
Possibly you tried to click on a link on the page before it had completely and properly loaded. You may have introduced an incomplete or corrupted scene file to the Cache on your hard drive. In Windows 98 the easiest way to fix the problem is to go to your desktop and click "Start" and "Find Files". Type in "cache" and find which cache contains the "www.colonycity" cache files. Delete them and new ones will load the next time you are at Colony City.
Another way if you are using Netscape 4.0 or higher is (on the browser menu) to go to "Edit/Preferences/Advanced/Cache/then click "Clear Memory Cache" and "Clear Disk Cache". The box below will also indicate the directory where your cache files are stored.
Click on the "Update" link on your homepage. Click on the "Personal Data" link. Change the "Chat Default" designation to "p". Click the "Update" Button at the bottom of the page to save the change and return to your homepage.
My 3D graphics seem to take forever to load although I can see the text of people "talking". Sometimes things lock up while loading and I have to reboot.
The speed of loading is highly dependent upon the specifications of your computer and the amount of memory it carries, as well as other factors such as graphics capabilities. Also, at times heavy traffic at Colony City will cause a slowdown, especially when there are a lot of Avatar Wrl's to locate and load. It is best to have at least a 166 Mhz computer with 32 Mg of RAM and 1 MG of Video Memory. More is better. You might do the following to speed things up when you are not online: Go to your Desktop/Settings/Control Panel/System/Performance/Graphics and set Hardware Acceleration to "Full"; back to Performance then to File System and set Read-Ahead Optimization to "Full". A note of caution..DO NOT RESET Virtual Memory unless you know what you are doing. Also be careful not to get impatient during the loading of people and things in the City and start typing or clicking links. You may only lock up the program or create a corrupted file.

Cleaning out your Cache (s) may also speed things up. Although most computers will do this automatically I find a good monthly cleaning helps with speed if you are on the net a lot.
I want to get to my home page without going through the Plaza.
I have added a Book Mark in my browsers so that I only have to click it to go to my page and only have to sign in my name and password once per net session. Once there I always check my "Inbox" for messages. That is the place your Block Leader will try to communicate with you. He/she is responsible for keeping an orderly neighborhood, facilitating activities, and helping residents with questions or problems. The path to your home will be"xxxx" with "xxxx" being your user name.
How do I get a job and make more money. What are the duties and qualifications to become a Block Deputy.
The Block Deputy is the assistant and back up to the Block Leader. He/she performs housekeeping duties, promotes City activities, and is part of a team. There is no age or gender discrimination in employment in the City. In my opinion a resident should be an active resident for a number of weeks and have at least 100 experience points before applying. He/she should be fully aware and functional with the workings and places in the City. The quickest way to do that is to explore freely and talk to as many people as possible, greet newer residents and help them with their technical problems. Finally, when you think you are ready go to the Employment Office or leave a note in the Block or Deputy Leader's Inbox. If your possibility for employment seems limited where you live you might try other Neighborhoods or Blocks. For more information about what a Block Leader does click links below.
Metaverse Recruiting Standards Unofficial Block Deputy Guide
How do I put a picture or graphic on my 2D page.
This is easy as long as you understand the limitations and follow each step in order. You must be using a 4.0 browser or higher. Some preparation helps. Find and remember where on your disk or hard drive the image you want is located. I have created a special sub-directory for mine that is called C:/Pictures. The pictures or graphics must be in a ".gif" or ".jpg" or ".jpeg" format, and be 15k or less in size. If they are not you may be able to manipulate them and resize by using a program such as Paint or Adobe Photo. Once on your Colony City Home Page click on "Update". Then click "Image". Be sure the upper image box is clear. Scroll down to "Browse" and click it and locate the image you want to upload. You may have to select "All Files" in the "Files of Type" box. Then just click "Save" and the upload should be underway. When done be sure to click "Update" before you go back to your Home Page. Click on your browser "Reload" or "Refresh" button and click on your 2D button and it should show an image box that says "Image Not Checked". That just means it is now up to the Block Leader or Block Deputy to check your image and unlock it.
Can I modify my Inbox or Message page with pictures or graphics or different text/size/colors?
Yes you may. If you know some basic HTML or have a friend who can help you. You can configure these pages but cannot change background colors.
How do I control the body gestures of my Avatar.
Many avatars can be controlled with keywords but some cannot. You will just have to try out the avatar you have brought in. The gestures are controlled by keywords in "Body Language" section that you will find under the "Options" tab next to your chat box. The configuration is fairly easy if you are careful in your editing. The following keywords (or your choice) inserted in your macros cause the following gestures:
ID#1 bow left/middle/right = hello
ID#2 flip = hey or watch
ID#3 bow middle = yes
ID#4 forward to the left = smile
ID#5 around right = frown
ID#6 shakes head = no
ID#7 same as number 5 = not
ID#8 swings left/right = bye
If you want to edit the default keywords so that the gestures will respond to the word you type you first select the ID#. Then add the word or delete a word in the box below. Then click update.
How do I get my own unique Avatar.
The first place to search is the "Avatar Library" located under the "Options" menu tab next to your chat box. I personally like the "Meet Factory". Just click on the one you want and it will be imported for you. You may have to reload or refresh your page to try it out. You can have more than one avatar in your file at a time and switch back and forth. You can also find the URL's of avatars and copy down the location and retype it into your "Personal Information" box located under "Options". Other links to find avatars are listed below but be aware that some do not support gestures or they may not work in Colony City.
Blaxxun Avatars
Trouble Avatars
Avatar Library
Ocnus Avatars
MIH Avatars
How do I Maximize my Chat Box?
Right Click your Chat Box and "Undock"..this expands the Chat Box and you can then resize. Click "Dock" to put it away.
How do I Speak to Another Person Privately?
Right Click on another resident's name and Click "Whisper" or Click "Invite Chat"...this allows you to talk person-to-person without anybody else listening.
How Do I Get Back When I Get Lost In Space or in a Wall With My Avatar?
If you get stuck behing someone else's avatar or fly into a wall or some other foolish position..find another resident's name in the people box..Right Click on it and "Beam To"..this allows you to get away from that bad position. You can also Right Click on the screen and choose "Viewpoints" and "Reset".
Last Update 4/21/99