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More Solutions to Common Problems and Questions
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More Questions I Have Been Asked
How Can I Find Out What Version of Browser or Blaxxun Plugin I Am Using?
In Netscape or Explorer Click on "Help"/"About". In Blaxxun Click on the "Options" tab next to the Chat Box..then Click "About Blaxxun Contact".
What is the "Instant Message Center"?
This is a pager-type system that works when you are in Colony City, and if you just minimize it, after you have left the City. You can set it up and start it by Clicking on "My Info".
How Do I Contact Others Interested in Colony City?
An excellent way is to join the Colony City Web-Ring by Clicking on the link below. After becoming a member you will be allowed to put Colony City graphics and links on your Home Pages. Ask for Klegau and tell him Mike sent you.
Colony City Web-Ring
How Do I Purchase and Control Objects I Purchase in Colony City?
The best explanation is located at the link below. This is Issue No. 5 of the Metaverse News. A short explanation is that to purchase you will Click on an object to display or purchase. You are only allowed to purchase a total of 15 objects before you must transport them and drop them in your home. There is also a limit to how many objects can be in your home at one time. To drop Right Click on the "Backpack" tab next to your Chat Box and you will see a list of the objects you are carrying. Drop it where you want it placed. Then go to the "Objects" tab and Click "Move". If you loose an object in a wall or elsewhere..just "Take" it again and repeat the process.
Metaverse News
How Can I Learn to Better Navigate in 3D?
A handy Users Guide is available from Blaxxun. Click the link below and print it out for your reference.
Blaxxun Contact 3D User's Guide
I want more inside information and secrets about Blaxxun Contact.
Click the link below.
Blaxxun Contact 3D FAQ
Are There Other Places Where I Can Go 3D?
A good place to start would be to Click on one of the other Neighborhood or Land links. Soon the "City Tour link will open new doors for you. You can also start at the Plaza and go exploring. Many other 3D worlds are now close to reality.
How Do I Get the Very Lastest Up-To-Date News?
Click on the "News Center Magazine" link at the top of your page or the Newspaper links located at the Plaza.
How do I Search for Other Citizens or Their Homes?
Click on the "Citizens" link at right side of your page. This is a search engine that can find citizens by name/experience/job. From there you can Click on their name or residence to go to their homes.
How do I Check Out the Number of Experience Points I Have or My Money Total?
Click on the 2D link or go to "My Info"/"Personal Information". Under "Personal Information you can also enter the URL address for your other Home Page, reset your Chat Default, change your screen name, or subscribe to the Newsletter.
How Do I Change My Nickname, My E-Mail Address, or My Password?
At the "Log-In" screen, Click "Quick Help". There are also links for those with log-in problems or if you forgot your password. This can also be done from your home by Clicking "My Info"/"Personal Information".
How Do I Put Links To My Interests On My Links Page?
You can place links to your places of interest (up to 5) by Clicking the "Update" button/"Information"(at the bottom of the page) and type in your links. Be sure to type the right address and after you update and return to your home be sure to follow the links to be sure that they work properly.
How Do I Use Chat Macros To Make My Avatar Say Pre-Recorded Text?
Go to your "Options" tab and Click "Chat Macros". You will see a list of macros titled from /g1 through /g8. The first by default is %1 waves hello to %2. "%1" stands for your "nickname" and "%2" stands for either "everybody" or the name of the person you have selected when you activate a chat macro in the chat box. To edit the macros you follow the same procedure as edit gestures. Select the line to edit and in the box below type in the words or phrase you want . Then click update. To use the macro you will Click the envelope image below the chat box and select one of the 8 choices.
How Do I Solve Load/Display Problems With My Inbox/Message Board/Information ?
Go to your "Update" button and Click "Information". Then Click the "Reset" button. From this point on you will have to be careful if you have used HTML code to construct your Info/Message/Inbox pages. Resetting any of the three pages will delete your code and revert to default, so you may have to reconstruct. The first "Reset" button will default the "Information" Board. The second and third the "Message" Board, and the last two the "Inbox" Board. Although this may cause you some additional work it is preferable to having to move to a new house.
After I Drop Objects They are Not Visible. I Have Lost Them !
They are not lost, they are just not visible. Most probably they are embedded in the floor. First you must remember which object you just dropped. The go to the "Public Objects" tab, Highlight the Object, Right Click and Click on "Move". Use the Arrows to move the Object "Up" until it appears, then put it where you want it and Click the "Check" to Save the Change. If your Objects are often becoming embedded it is possible that the point of view of your Avatar is set too low. You might try Right Clicking on your screen and using the "Movement/Slide" commands to raise your Avatar before you attempt a Drop.
Take an "Instant" Picture of Your Home/People?Colony City
I have to thank MauveCat and Edion for teaching me this trick. To take a picture, use the "Save Screen Image" command of something like a "Good" Paint program. It will probably be saved as a .jpg file. It then can be saved, printed, or sent to your friends via an Email Attachment, or instantly via ICQ as a File Transfer. This is so cool because you can have a friend over at your "House" and take a picture of you and then instantly send it to you by ICQ where you can view it. Or have the friend take a picture of all the assembled friends at your party and then you can post the picture on your photo album on your other Home Page !
What Lies In The Future For Fedland?
Some Ideas
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