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Checking Residents Status:

One of the main responsibilities of a BD is to remove any vacant homes. By vacant homes I am referring to homes that have not been visited within the last 31 days. There are several exception to the rule one being the vacation policy. VAC policy, and the others are outlined within the Early deletion Policy. Now the checking of a resident's status is done at the block level and in 2D mode. Remember if you find that whenever you enter Cybertown and you find yourself in 3D mode, you can change this in the following way. First go to "My Info" then "Personal Info", once there, scroll to "Chat Default" and make sure that "blaxxun Contact (Java)" is checked. Checking "blaxxun Contact (3d plugin)" will cause you to always enter Cybertown in 3D mode. When you are at your home you can go to any resident's house by clicking on the house name, which you'll find on the right hand side of your screen. Once there, you will find the following information:
Last Access

So, if the resident's Last Access day is greater than 30 days you simply use the button in the right hand side of your console. Well for the most part this is true but like most things in life there are a few exceptions. If you see the VAC at the end of the persons house name for example. Note that when you do decide to use the you will be given one last opportunity to change your mind.
Ok, here is how I do it, but feel free to devise your own system, nothing set in stone here. I usually have a note pad ready, so I can jot down notes I will need later when I fill out the weekly report, and I am usually in my house. So from there I click on the first house at the top of the list of homes, located in the right hand console. I check the Immigration date, if new I make a note of it. Next I check the last Last access date, if over 30 days, and no VAC after house name then I use the to delete the resident's house. When you delete someone you are automatically taken to the block level, so keep track of where you left off. Once I have gone through all of the homes, I return to the block level once again. Here I count the total number of residents and the number of free spaces, and put that in my notes. Another alternative to this method of counting residents, which some like is to use the function to count the number of residents, which is also a good way, really what ever works for you. Also as long as I am here I make sure that there are no homes on the roads, trees or unbrellas. With all of the necessary information in hand it is time to fill out the Weekly report.

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