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Metaverse Mentor

On Houses
Error Messages
Load into Home instead of Plaza
Uploading an Image to 2D Page
Buying a BIG House
Buy and Control Objects
Losing Dropped Objects
Experience Points/Money Total
A Fancy Inbox
Working Your Links
Fixing the Messages boxes
Findin a House
On Avatars
Working With Gestures
Getting an Avatar
Getting Unstuck
Learning to Move

On Chatting
Getting a bigger chat box
Talking Privately
Instant Message Center
Making Chat Macros
Using Text to Voice
Changing fonts and text sizes
In General
Program Versions
More Info on Contact
Finding the News
Changing Your Vitals
Joining a Club
Finding Others
Other 3D Places
Finding People
Taking Pictures of Here

Metaverse BL/BD Training Guide
and Training Checklist
(MS Word File Version)

Metaverse Recruiting Standards
and Application

Blaxxun Contact Users Guide

HTML Tag Summary

Metaverse Training Guidelines

Metaverse Block Leader Duties Guide
(MS Word Version)

Unofficial Block Deputy Guide

Blaxxun Contact 4.0 FAQ

Metaverse Block Cleaning Guide

Connecting With People
Colony City Web-Ring

Metaverse Information Highway (MIH)

Metaverse News and Archives

Colony City Clubs

Metaverse Welcome Package

This is a Great Way of Real Time
Communication and File Transfers

Things To Download

Edit Pad
This Stay on Top Word Pad Program
is neat for copying and pasting
in Colony City.
Try it and You Will Like It !
.274 MG
Approx. .1 Hr. @ 28,800 bps

Blaxxun Contact 4.0
Premiere VRML 3D Plug-In
Version 4.002 (Mar/99)
4.0 MG
Approx. 0.5 Hrs @ 28,800 bps

Netscape Communicator
Web Browser and Tools
Version 4.51 (Mar/99)
14.6 MG
Approx. 1.5 Hrs @ 28,800 bps

Microsoft Explorer
Web Browser and Tools
Version 5.0 (Mar/99)
17.7 MG
Approx. 2.0 Hrs @ 28,800 bps